Friday, 16 May 2008


If you cannot understand the problem because you can't see our water in the chalk aquifer under the ground, imagine a huge reservoir in this area. Would you be happy to see China Gateway built over it on stilts? Of course not! These are extracts from the developers OWN Environmental Assessment presented to TDC Planning as part of the application:

" The aquifer underlying the site is considered to be a major aquifer providing potable water to a large population " - CGP application to TDC.

"There is potential for significant pollution of the aquifer to occurr" - CGP application to TDC.

" Should chemicals leach into the groundwater underlying the site the impact would be LONGTERM and in some cases UN-RECOVERABLE" - CGP application to TDC

In other words if there is a spillage and contamination of the wrong kind, NO MORE DRINKING WATER FROM THIS AQUIFER FOR YOU AND ME

The map shows the water catchment area at Manston on which it is proposed to build the largest industrial estate in Thanet. You will see that the outline of the project encroaches on to the 'red zone' (Source Protection Zone 1). Why should this bother you?

1. Southern Water wants to impose compulsory water charges on us all by 2015 because water is in short supply in the South East.

2. TDC and KCC have 'teamed' up with developers CGP to build a huge industrial estate with Chinamex (from China) to provide a major distribution centre for imports from China. TDC and KCC have even formed a Limited Liability Partnership to 'run' Eurokent and China Gateway as 'interested parties' in this project. How can TDC thus be an independent and disinterested Planning Authority?

3. The map above shows the Source Protection Zones for the major water catchment area for Thanet. You will note how China Gateway with upto 50 warehouses; 400 HGV lorries; 4000 car spaces and upto 3000 people working sits right on top of our major aquifer, which is like an underground reservoir in the chalk below Thanet.

4. Commercial Group Properties wants to avoid installing mains sewerage and has come up with a much much cheaper Klargester cess-pit and septic tank proposal to prevent contamination of your drinking water in its application to TDC. The Environmental Agency has already said in a letter to TDC that it would oppose such a set-up and says a mains sewerge system is much safer and essential.

5. With Global warming a reality; water resources and agricultural land producing food are vital! This project puts at risk our water supply by reducing water seepage from rain into it as well as creating the potential to pollute it. Have you wondered why world food prices have gone up hugely this year? The United Kingdom needs to grow as much of its own foood as possible in the years to come.

Please read the China Gateway 'Reports 'postings' below and if YOU think China Gateway should be stopped, get onto your WARD COUNCILLOR and tell him/her; write or e-mail to TDC and object to the proposals . Details are below:

If you have anything you want to say about protecting Thanet's water supply, agricultural land, wildlife, Landscape Character Area or wish to register objections to CGP's Gateway Project you will need to act quickly. This is the detail from TDC:
Comments need to be submitted to the council by THE END OF JULY either to or in writing to Mr Doug Brown, Planning, Thanet District Council, PO Box 9, Cecil Street, Margate, CT9 1XZ.
You should quote Application F/TH/08/0400



jobloggs66 said...

FYI CGP stands for Commercial Group Properties not Capital Group Properties as cited in your blog!

Bertie Biggles said...

My apologies and thanks jobloggs66!
Will rectify immediately!

sue said...

Is this still current?

Bertie Biggles said...

Cannot access it at moment but CGP has 2 entries on Google to access their sites.

Gary said...

I have an intimate knowledge of the Chinese, and like them very much.
If it were a Thanet group planning to build on Chinees soil, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Chinese would extract some real benefits in exchange for the fields.
My question is what benefits from this development accrues Thanet? The vague promise of "jobs", but what kind of jobs and for whom? What guarantees are there that any jobs will go to Thanet residents? The answer, so far as I can see, is none.